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Be Alive Infusion and Wellness offers vitamin and mineral infusions, as well as other intravenous therapies as supportive treatment for all your wellness needs.  


Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is the latest, holistic, trending and all-natural treatment approach to a wide range of disorders.

Wellness Center

The infusion center is a warm, aesthetic environment


Depression is one disorder that can severely affect the quality of life and may lead to significant disability. 

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Sometimes all you need to feel better is a HUG, other times it’s an IV

Using the latest research in our offerings to maximize your wellness, we pride ourselves on offering you the highest quality and best combinations of therapies that maximize and improve immune and nutritional health, athletic performance, cognitive function and total body wellness. 
Whether you are recovering from a chronic illness, working to restore brain function or mood, or hoping to up level your well-being, come enjoy the benefits of our offerings in our friendly and relaxing infusion room.

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