Our team

Stephanie Daniel D.O.

CO-Founder / Medical Director

is a functional medicine physician based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After attending college at the University of Virginia, and a masters program in Bioethics at Rush University in Chicago, Stephanie joined a Hedge Fund in Palo Alto, CA as a research associate on the healthcare investment team. During that time, she co-authored multiple medical journal articles about evolutionary medicine, wrote a book about food and stress still available on Amazon: Low-Stress Food: Eat Your Way to a Low-Stress Life, and collaborated on patents centered around intellectual property of drugs and healthcare technology utilization for novel indications.

Kevin Mackey


Kevin Mackey born and raised in the Bay Area has a love for the outdoors and nature. Studying business at UCR while attending on a athletic scholarship.  Formally a Firefighter Paramedic and now spends time focused on technology and systems management in the Functional Medicine field for optimizations and efficiencies in operations.  Founder of NutrimentRx llc a supplement technology company that allows improved compliance for patients and their supplement regiments. Kevin’s major love is coffee, he hand roast organic green coffee over open flame, OFR 
Love of medicine, friends and family, driven by the desire to always show up for those that need help and knowledge that it is better to be prepared with no opportunity than having an opportunity and not being prepared.   

Mariah Hall

Medical Assistant

Mariah Hall is a Registered Medical Assistant, certified by American Medical Technologists. She began her career in healthcare by working in the medical records department at a local hospital, while attending college. Since that time, she has accumulated nearly eight years of experience and education in various areas of healthcare and patient care. She has a unique combination of in-office and virtual patient care experience. In addition to Mariah’s work experience, she is an outgoing, caring, and compassionate individual.  She lives in Montana with her family of four. Mariah is married and raising 2 terrific boys. She is outgoing, caring and compassionate. Being a ‘true’ Montanan, Mariah enjoys being outdoors, camping, and traveling

Lisa Deptula

Physician Assistant

Board certified Physician Assistant (PA-C),  Master of Medical Science (MMS)

Lisa Deptula is a board certified Physician Assistant (PA-C) with a Master of Medical Science (MMS) from Northwestern University. After graduation, Lisa practiced in the field of dermatology. In addition, Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of Michigan.

Lisa was led to the field of functional medicine after being dissatisfied with the recommendations and treatment outcomes from her conventional medical doctors. She was thrilled with the results functional medicine had in her own life, and recognized the potential benefits of using this approach with her future patients.