IV Infusion: $85


This is the most common type of IV we utilize today. It includes all the daily essential vitamins, and trace minerals. Maybe you already live a healthy lifestyle and just want the nutrients to be more biologically available for the body to absorb. Or, maybe you need a boost because you feel you are getting sick, run down by daily life, stress, or travel. It will also help you supplement nutrients lost from more aggressive forms of medical treatment, prescription medications, or before/after surgeries– This IV is perfect for anyone!

About this Infusion

This is the everyday version of the Super Boost. The nutrients and B Vitamins are essential in the formation of new cells in the body, thereby providing a boost of energy. Use this as a healthy pick me up instead of going to Happy Hour!

What’s in the Boost

Sterile Water Vitamin C Pyroxidine Dexpanthenol B-Complex Magnesium chloride Calcium gluconate Methylcobalamin

When to Infuse

Treatment for fatigue  
Boost energy 

This is perfect for anyone!