Fat Buster


 IV Infusion: $175


Start Your Fat-burning Campaign with Fat Buster


About this Infusion

Fat Buster: Start burning your fat with healthy lifestyle modifications, balanced-diet and therapeutic alternatives that are rapid, multipurpose, natural and equally effective simultaneously.
Here is something you can start with: - Exercise Regularly - Consume Protein-Rich & Low-Carb Diet - Avoid Calorie-rich Snacks & Processed Foods - Use Nutritional Supplementation - Get yourself “FAT BUSTER’ IV Infusion (for Rapid Weight Loss)

What’s in the FAT BUSTER

Sterile Water Vitamin C B Vitamins Methionine Inositol Choline Calcium Magnesium Glutathione

The Role of “FAT BUSTER” *IV Infusion for Weight Loss:

Dealing with a challenging situation requires instant steps taken intelligently. Opting for “FAT BUSTER” IV Infusion to tackle weight-related complications can be a wise decision because it has the ability to cover a wide range of factors responsible for your weight gain. Additionally, it is all natural, side-effects free and a responsive alternative weight loss treatment.  

6 Major Health Improvements with Fat Buster:

“FAT BUSTER IV Infusion” will bring the following 6 major healthy changes in your life:

  1. Maximum Nutritional Absorption will lead to Healthy Organs performing optimally.  
  2. Nonexistence of Nutritional deficiencies will improve Sleep
  3. Boosted Adrenal Glands will ensure sufficient supply of cortisol & aldosterone hormones
  4.  Adrenal hormones will maintain healthy metabolism, blood pressure & blood Sugar
  5. It’ll Reduce Fatigue, muscle growth & improve physical performance
  6. Boosted Immunity will ensure Disease Prevention & Optimal Fitness.

“FAT BUSTER IV Infusion”

Each one of us has a natural built-in weight management system. This built-in weight loss program can be stimulated and boosted safely and naturally using “FAT BUSTER IV Infusion”. FAT BUSTER will improve all top 10 factors affecting weight gain. The factors are:

  1. Thyroid,
  2. Leptin
  3. Testosterone
  4. Melatonin
  5. Estrogen
  6. Ghrelin
  7. Insulin
  8. Cortisol
  9. Progesterone 
  10. Glucocorticoids.

Get Your Hands on Glutathione Benefits with “FAT BUSTER” IV Infusion:

Glutathione (GSH) is an antioxidant and integral part of our immune system. It is a combination of three vital amino acids naming (i) glycine, (ii) cysteine and (iii) glutamine. Glutathione (GSH) infusion is a medically proven remedy for weight management and reduction. Besides, deficiency of Glutathione can cause serious disorders like metabolic acidosis (acidity in tissues and blood), hair loss, depression, anemia, seizures and weight gain. Age, stress, anxiety, malnutrition and pollutants can reduce natural Glutathione production. Therefore, FAT BUSTER” IV Infusion is an ideal therapy for individuals with possible GSH deficiency.

Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin-C & Vitamin-B:

Ignoring the significance of whole grains, vegetables and fruits in our diet is resulting in nutritional deficiencies and varied health hazards. “FAT BUSTER” IV Infusion is a quick way to cover up for crucial minerals and vitamins like Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin-C and Vitamin-B. These vitamins are also essential for: Weight management, bone health, plasma homocysteine levels, healthy arteries and heart, anti-aging and prevention of multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis and cancer.

Control Your Cravings with “FAT BUSTER”:

This is another area where “FAT BUSTER” IV Infusion is making serious inroads. “FAT BUSTER” IV Infusion can also maintain healthy serotonin levels to curb untimely cravings for food and overeating.