IV Infusion: $250


Get yourself the best of both worlds with “Photox Therapy”, combined Ozone and UVB for better results in patient care. Efficaciousness of both Ozone and UVB (Biophotonic) therapies are already established separately. However, very few know that the both can be combined to achieve even greater results. The ultimate union of “Ozone” and “Ultraviolet Light Therapy” is used to achieve powerful oxidative metabolism (also known as cell respiration and aerobic metabolism). Oxidative metabolism is a process responsible for energy production using carbohydrates. During this complex biological process, biochemical energy is absorbed from the food and is transferred into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), excluding all potentially harmful waste. Photox Therapy is a perfect healing and preventive modality for aging, infectious diseases (fungal, bacterial & viral), various medical conditions and impaired immunity.

What’s in the OZONE UVB


When to Infuse

– Increases Oxygen supply to every Tissue & Cell in our body

– Improves Blood Circulation & Energy flow in cells (adenosine triphosphate)

– Regulates Mitochondrial Energy in our blood

– Destruction of Infectious Microorganisms (including Staphylococcus and E. coli)

– Enriched Adaptive Immunity with Monocytes (a type of WBCs)

– Destruction of Cancer cells

– Increases the number of Intracellular antioxidants, cytokine, lymphocytes & granulocytes

– Best for Anti-aging by reducing Oxidative stress with enzymes (like catalase, superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase).

– Manages Cholesterol & Uric Acid levels

– Ideal for Healthy kidneys, liver & Heart

– Helps in Pain management, inflammatory conditions and vascular spasms

– Ideal for most Allergies like rhinitis, sinusitis and asthma.

Ozone & Ultraviolet Light Therapy for Lyme:

I believe, the nature and technology has enabled us to come up with some of the best possible cures for most of the known diseases and weaknesses. For example, the use of NAD Therapy for cognitive failures, Ozone therapy for autoimmune diseases and UVB therapy for infectious diseases. Similarly, the combination of Ozone and UVB can be best utilized in Lyme patients. Treating patients with severe symptoms of Lyme disease with Vitamin-C supplementation, antibiotics or herbs like Cat’s claw can be insufficient at times and there is always a need for a more advanced therapy. This is where Photox Therapy (Ozone plus UVB – Ultraviolet Light) can be best implemented.

Role of Oxidative Therapies in Lyme Patients:

The following physiologic changes can be initiated in Lyme patients using Oxidative Therapies:

– Removal of Toxins & Pathogens

– Improved oxygen levels to enhance vital organs

– Increased production of Steroids

– Improved mitochondrial performance

– Controlled production of Red & White blood cells

– Better conversion of sterols into vitamin-D for various health benefits.