IV Infusion: $125


Ozone Therapy to Fight Diseases, Injury Repair,

Anti-Aging & Optimal Health:

About this Infusion

Administering “Oxygen” as a supplement or drug is now medically considered an appropriate approach to treat several critical conditions and avoid noxious medications and surgical procedures. Ozone is a combination of 3 Oxygen atoms O3. Oxygen is administered to patient in increased concentrations (> 20.9%) for different neurological, respiratory and cardiovascular manifestations. Once administered, the Ozone gas starts stimulating oxygen metabolism, inactivates pathogens and accelerates immune system

What’s in the Ozone


Health Benefits of Ozone Therapy:

– Ozone therapy Improves the Performance of “Antioxidant Enzyme System”

– Ozone therapy Helps in disrupting the Unhealthy Processes & Liver disease

– Ozone therapy Restrict the growth of Harmful Pathogens (like fungus, viruses, yeast, bacteria & protozoa)

Ozone therapy Flushes out dead and Infected Cells

Ozone therapy Promotes production of New & Healthy Cells

Ozone therapy is Effective against age-induced Macular Degeneration,

Ozone therapy Regulates Blood Pressure & prevents Heart Disorders

Ozone therapy Increases Oxygen Level in the Blood to strengthen all Vital Organs

Ozone therapy  is Helpful in Breathing Disorders & Asthmatic symptoms

Ozone therapy Increases Immunity with enhanced Immune System

Ozone therapy Reliefs symptoms of Chronic fatigue syndrome & Cancer

Ozone therapy is Helpful in Cystic fibrosis & Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Ozone therapy Reduces the Risk of Diabetes & Related Disorders.

Historical Background of Ozone Therapy:

The demand for oxygen as a supplement or drug to treat oxygen deficiency-related disorders was felt as soon as it was discovered that we need it for survival. Interestingly, Vedic Hindu and ancient Greek literature recognized the significance of Oxygen and its necessity for the survival some 2000 years back. However, the lack of relative technology in medical science had humans restricted. An`toine Lavoiser in 18th century accredit its significance in respiratory physiology. Soon after, Oxygen therapy was acknowledged as an established treatment and indicated to treat different states of arthritis, diabetes, Ischemia, acute hypoxemia, cancer, cholera, anemia, epilepsy, syphilis, glaucoma and acute blood loss in trauma.