IV Infusion: $185

Revitalize IV Infusion

The main purpose of the treatment is to aid your long-term fitness goals by addressing the root cause of the disease(s) at hand. After recent advancements in nutritional supplementation, nutrient-related deficiencies are treated effectively by IV Infusion Therapy and of course, quicker than most of the other treatment options.

About this Infusion

Clinical research can surprise us with unexpected information. Despite high food consumption, micronutrient deficiencies are very common in Europe & United States. Hence, the need for nutritional IV therapy being a necessity to cover any nutritional gaps and inclusions of deficient nutrients directly into the bloodstream, arguably the most potent form of all.
The use of nutritional therapy like “Revitalize IV Infusion” can address three major areas of health:
  • Overcome nutritional deficiencies
  • Improve over-all health
  • Aid in Protection of chronic illnesses
  • What’s in REVITALIZE

    Sterile Water Vitamin C Pyroxidine Dexpanthenol B-Complex Magnesium chloride Calcium gluconate Methylcobalamin Taurine Trace Minerals Potassium Chloride Methyl-Folate

    When to Infuse

    Increase Stamina & Energy Restore

    Recovery of Nutritional Deficiencies (e.g. in case of malabsorption)

    Muscle Recovery & Growth

    Fat Loss / Weight Management with Slim booster shots

    Recover from Leaky Gut (damaged small intestine)

    Increased Mental Physical Performance

    Restore Hydration & Decrease Inflammation.

    Revitalize IV Infusion for Cold, Flu & Hangover Relief:

    Certain events in our life can exhaust our body’s energy and leave us vulnerable. The Common cold, flu and substance & alcohol hangover are common examples.

     Revitalizing the body with minerals, electrolytes, hydration, antioxidants and vitamins through the “Revitalize IV Infusion” can minimize your symptoms of the Cold & Flu, seasonal allergies and problems like a hangover. You can feel your original and younger self again.