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The Best Alternative & Immune-Modulating Therapy:

What was initially implemented for the treatment of “Polio Virus” in the past has now become a renowned proven therapy (in its modified forms) for a wide range of illnesses. From 1940s to 1950s, the Biophotonic Therapy (UVB) or previously renowned as UBI (Ultraviolet blood irradiation) has been successfully applied for the treatment of; – Tuberculosis, – Arthritis, – Septicemia, – Asthma, – Pneumonia and – Poliomyelitis. Currently, the UVB practice is reemerging and trending fast because the regular “Antibiotics” are losing their efficacy in treating infections. There are multiple reasons behind it and one is the new species of bacteria that are resistant against most of the available antibiotics. UVB is a natural antibiotic where light is used as a safe replacement for toxic and ineffective antibiotics. Hence, UVB therapy is gaining popularity in treating the infections and other clinical disorders effective.

About this Infusion

Historical Background of UVB:

In 1801, it all started at the University of Jena, Germany where a Polish physicist Johann Wilhelm Ritter discovered “Chemical rays - electromagnetic spectrum” with a longer wavelength range in comparison to “X-rays”. The same rays were latter termed as Ultraviolet rays. A few decades later, a therapeutic use of Ultraviolet rays was discovered to treat tuberculosis arthritis and various skin conditions and the method was then termed as “UV skin irradiation”.

List of Amazing Health Benefits Associated with UVB Therapy:

– Optimal Health Gain

– Symptomatic Relief in Autoimmune & Inflammatory Disorders

– Elimination of harmful Pathogens/Microorganisms (Bacteria & Viruses)

– Improve Immune System to fight almost all Disorders/Complications

– Improvement of Blood Circulation & Oxygenation for Healthy Heart

– Increased production of Antioxidant Buffering Enzymes

– Allergy Relief related to certain Chemical or Food

– Increased & Healthy Red Blood Cells (RBCs) & White Blood Cells (WBCs).

Basic Mechanism of Action:

The basic concept of Biophotonic Therapy (UVB) is to treat infections by normalizing blood parameters, increasing immunity and obliterating harmful microorganisms inside the bloodstream using ultraviolet irradiation of blood.
In medical terminology, UV has the capacity to:
  1. Block off cytokine release
  2. Override cytokine production
  3. Change the function of leukocytes
  4. Regulate the blood mononuclear cells PBMC (helper cells)
  5. Produce more stimulator cells in case of mixed leukocyte cultures.

Autoimmune and inflammatory disorders are referred to as complications that are generated from within our body with impaired immune system. In order to eliminate such complications, immune system should be stabilized. Biophotonic Therapy is proven to calm down the immune system and stabilize its impaired functionality. Biophotonic Therapy regulates immune system by effecting Red Blood Cells (RCBs), White Blood Cells (WBCs), Neutrophils, lymphocytes, phagocytic cells and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in number of way.

UVB Effect on Red & White Cells:

– Maintains the balanced ratio b/w Red and White blood cells

– Alters the osmotic properties of RCBs

– Changes their submicroscopic structure

– Regulates the metabolism of Adenine nucleotides.

Regardless of the nature, most of the alternative and complementary medications/therapies can be most beneficial to elderly population, fostering positive lifestyle and introducing therapeutic modifications. There are certain protocols and number of minimum treatments required for UVB therapy to show measurable results in acute to severe illnesses. However, aged individuals can feel improvement in their overall health right from the beginning with;

– Decreased platelet aggregation,

– Improved blood circulation,

– Detoxification, boosted immunity and

– Increased oxygen level in body tissues.

All harmful pathogens in human bloodstream can be eliminated by exposing it to UV light. Increased immunogenicity and enhanced immunological function helps the body to build a vaccine-like effect to deal with fungus, bacteria, viruses and yeasts. “Photonic energy” in UV light and “induced secondary immune reactivation” is utilized to kill disease cells and pathogens.

UVB is a strong healing modality to reduce pain and inflammatory response with improved blood circulation, better oxygenation and higher production of antioxidants.

In the last two decades, over a million patients have benefited with it. Biophotonic Therapy is clinically proven to restore health with a completely safe procedure without causing any serious adverse effects. However, very few minor side-effects are associated with the treatment but in rare cases. In fact, none of the side-effect is unanticipated. Potential adverse-effects are:

  • Slight increase in body temperature
  • Herxheimer reaction (“It occurs as bacteria or yeast die during UBI treatment”)
  • Minor bruising at the sight of infusion.